WBA ASIA Ratings
Due the Coronavirus, boxing like all other sport has been force to stop. All boxers will maintain their ranking until we resume normal activities.
WBA ASIA Ratings
January, 2021

(as of January 22)

WBA ASIA Ratings - based on Trend Potint Reference system
• Trend point system is a reference tool for ranking to enhance each boxer’s rank in each title division.
• This system is not absolute but relative point to represent the recent status of rankers.
• This system includes the latest 3 results point, wining rate, KO rate, and rating committee point.

• In addition to the "Trend Point Reference system", the following factors shall be also taking into consideration to classify contenders;
-results of fights and caliber of the contenders
-level and frequency of boxers' competition,
-national champions of each commission's official ratings
-boxer shall be rated in only one(1) weight category
-boxer suspended of license inclusive medical reason shall be removed